Many young children can experience a number of issues in their lives that can have an impact on their mental health. Parental divorce, death of a family member, bullying at school, learning difficulties just to name a few, can all negatively impact a child's emotional, social and behavioural development. 

You may notice your child begin to withdraw, act out at home and/or at school, fall behind academically or complain of having no friends!

A psychologist can help with assessing your child's needs and respond by providing the appropriate type of psychological treatment to improve their life. When working with children a therapist needs to consider the child's development and capacity to process their world.

Typically a child psychologist/counsellor will adopt a play based approach to working with children therapeutically, as play is the natural language for children. Where adults will capitalise on the use of "talk therapies" a child's cognitive development is not as mature and therefore they may find it difficult to process and express their concerns, verbally.

As a Child Psychologist I have spent many years accessing regular training and supervision on how to work creatively with children through play. I have a preference for using a Child Centred play based approach to engage, assess and work with a child to assist them to process their world.

Some of the common childhood issues and disorders therapy can assist with include;

  • Childhood anxiety and depression
  • Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Low self esteem and confidence
  • Separation and attachment difficulties
  • Grief and Loss

If you would like to learn more about how child counselling and/or play therapy can assist your child, please don't hesitate to contact.