There are a number of accredited parenting programs offered on a one to one, group and/or online format which include;

  • Circle of Security-an attachment based parenting program
  • 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching-a positive parenting program for parents of children aged 2-12 years
  • Engaging your Adolescent- a positive parenting program for parents of teens aged 13-17 yrs

"Talk Less Listen More" is an online based parenting program that may assist;

  • Parents to learn how to positively manage their children's behaviour by teaching them to develop self control and resilience
  • Integrate school based learning at home
  • Parents with an urgent need for behavioural management support – such as parents of children facing disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion
  • Parents with access, support or mobility issues
  • Fathers, who are 8 times more likely to do an online course than attend a community-based program with their partner                                For further information regarding any of the parenting programs please contact.

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